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Transcription Assessment

Included among the many HIM-related services provided to hospitals by Applied Management Systems (AMS) is Assessment of Transcription.  AMS provides a comprehensive analysis of a client’s current transcription solution and considers alternative options.  Using project management techniques, all processes and systems are thoroughly examined and evaluated for efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Based on our findings and experience in the field with many transcription solutions, recommendations are made to enhance future delivery of patient documentation.  Analyses include turnaround times, accuracy, impact on the revenue cycle, and ultimately the impact on the quality of patient care.

AMS has worked with and reviewed transcription departments using an in-house solution, outsourced transcription, and a hybrid of the two, via paper and electronic.  AMS recognizes that transcription is an integral part of the HIM landscape and assists facilities in their analysis to transition from paper to a more electronically based system.  We have seen it all and can recommend changes in process or practice that are appropriately based on individual health system needs and hospital best practices.  The goals of the review are to lower costs while simultaneously improving productivity and quality.  AMS will assess your department and create an action plan listing the steps for improvement from your current status.  AMS is available to provide continued support through the implementation process on a consulting or interim management basis.