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Labor Resource Monitoring System

The LRMS provides shift, daily, weekly and monthly reports, and allows users to input specific timeframes in order to quickly learn the operational status of your various nursing areas.

Designed to be accessed in a networked environment, LRMS provides concise, meaningful management reports at the department and division levels.  It takes department-specific statistics and patient-related volumes and organizes it into relevant information sets that help you view at-a-glance how each unit, department and/or division is performing. This easy-to-use tool provides essential information to support your decision making as well as your reports to management.

Patient care directors need reports that combine relevant indicators of workload and calculate required hours for comparison to actual hours. This tool is highly flexible, enabling you to adapt the forms and reports to the unique needs of any area within your organization – inpatient, outpatient, surgical suite, etc. More importantly, it gives you accurate, timely information that can help you manage to budget, adjust actual to required hospital staffing levels, adjust staffing mix and assess productivity.