Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care Management

Applied Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) is a full-service health care management consulting firm serving health care institutions nationwide.  

We partner closely with our clients to assist them in attaining their primary goal — providing the highest quality patient care — within the challenging context of today’s complex health care environment.

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Benchmarking and Productivity

The Applied Management Systems (AMS) hospital benchmarking and labor productivity analyses are a combination of art and management science. AMS has an extensive operational database that consists of projects performed on site at hospitals and health care clients.

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Throughput and Workflow Optimization

Patient Throughput is vital to overall hospital productivity. It is often difficult to capture the key points within hospital workflow where patient throughput is compromised, and therefore, a barrier to efficient patient care (which can then impact patient satisfaction as well). Applied Management Systems (AMS) are experts in identifying how to monitor, analyze output data, and improve patient throughput.

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Management Solutions

The term management solutions a general term which encompasses any management-based solution to any hospital management based problem. Applied Management Systems (AMS) has a staff who have worked in and with hospital management across the span of health care in everything from critical access hospitals to large academic medical centers.

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Laboratory Services

Applied Management Systems (AMS) provides a comprehensive array of operational and strategic consulting to hospital-based and independent clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories nationwide. We have developed one of the most extensive and detailed databases of staffing and labor productivity benchmarks in use today in addition to hospital best practice in all key areas of laboratory operations and management.

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Health Information Management / Revenue Cycle

The Applied Management Systems (AMS) Health Information Management & Compliance (HIMC) group consists of professionals in the health information management field and includes members with a variety of backgrounds. AMS has former directors of medical records and health information departments, coding specialists, and credentialed licensed attorneys specializing in compliance issues. Providing hospitals with revenue cycle enhancement involves continuous process improvement and commitment from all involved to ensure that ‘no money is left on the table’. Applied Management Systems (AMS) provides a comprehensive review of the hospital revenue cycle from the point of patient intake in the system to post-service charges and follow-up.

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