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Hospital Benchmarking and Productivity

The Applied Management Systems (AMS) hospital benchmarking and labor productivity analyses are a combination of art and management science. AMS has an extensive operational database that consists of projects performed on site at hospitals and health care clients. The database identifies the AMS recommended staff-to-workload ratios, hospital staffing patterns and effective operating characteristics developed and documented through the analysis of many organizations. The information is utilized to develop function level benchmarks and is exclusively health care.

What is the difference between a departmental operational diagnostic and a hospital benchmarking analysis?

A Benchmark Analysis is a summary comparative analysis of all cost centers within the hospital.  An Operational Diagnostic is an in depth evaluation of all cost centers and departments to measure hospital productivity. AMS specializes in the vast majority of clinical, ancillary and support departments, including but not limited to:

The AMS work product includes a labor resource target for each department. These targets can be utilized to monitor productivity in AMS’ productivity monitoring system, Quantify.