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Throughput and Workflow Optimization

Patient Throughput is the bread and butter of hospital profitability.  Finding efficient processes that satisfy staff, clinicians and patients can be challenging.  At AMS we understand how vital patient throughput is to overall hospital productivity; it can impact the larger departments like the Emergency Room as well as the smaller departments like Environmental Services.  It can be difficult to capture the exact point of care where workflow is impacted.  AMS consultants are experts in identifying where the breakdown in flow is occurring, how to analyze output data, and provide improvement recommendations that are guaranteed to improve patient throughput.

One of AMS’ patient throughput strategies is to design a comprehensive AMS Hospital Workflow Analysis.  There are specific elements of our Hospital Workflow Analysis, identified through process mapping, that provide a clear picture of who is performing what, when, and where the process can be improved due to delays, rework, or inconsistencies that have been crept into current hospital workflow.  All departments can benefit from a workflow analysis, from the Emergency Room to the Operating Room, as understanding each step in a process can be eye-opening in terms of culture and change management initiatives.

The hospital workflow analysis should also be performed when implementing a new system or technology enhancement such as an EHR/EMR, CPOE, and other productivity monitoring system.  AMS has worked with hundreds of clients to improve workflow and our expertise has made a clear impact on patient throughput, patient satisfaction and the hospital’s bottom line.