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Revenue Cycle Enhancement

Kick Your Revenue Cycle into High Gear, Increase Cash Yield

According to HFMA, key performance indicators (KPIs)“ measure performance and identify areas for improvement on core processes.”  AMS knows that KPIs alone are not the answer—they are simply metrics to help diagnose the problem.  The answer is improving the effectiveness of your core processes to increase the cash yield of the revenue cycle.

The First Step: A KPI Review

AMS works with your revenue cycle team to update existing KPIs and establish new ones quickly in order to identify the areas where cash flow improvement is most promising.  The KPI Review focuses on the Pre-Service, Day-of-Service and Post-Service core processes that all affect cash flow.

Based upon the results of the KPI review, AMS customizes a process improvement approach combining one or more of the following services to meet the unique requirements and conditions at your organization: