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Span of Control

A span of control analysis reviews staff organization and the reporting structure of a facility by mapping the functional reporting responsibilities of each C-level/VP within the institution. Applied Management Systems (AMS) considers the goals and talents of managers specific to the institution. No two facilities are alike, nor are two managers – which are important to recognize because there is no single structure that can be universally applied to all institutions when considering staff structure organization.

Once the structure is visually defined – from the level of Senior Executive Management (direct reports to the CEO) through directors and managers, AMS will work with the facility to assess imbalances that can impact effective communication, administrative management and implementation of strategic initiatives. We then look at the number of FTEs per director/manager of each cost center and form our recommendations on the basis of our knowledge of comparable organizations. The effect of imbalances is ineffective management and a resource expenditure opportunity that could be applied elsewhere.

At the conclusion of a span of control project, senior leadership will be left with a comprehensive tool that will enable them to understand the structure of their staff organization. The deliverable provides an organized look at functional reporting relationships and recommendations for change, allowing for illustrated, effective and revenue-generating decision making.