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Quantify Productivity Monitoring

Management of a health care enterprise requires strict attention to the monitoring and control of resources, and the largest single resource in any health care enterprise is personnel.  It is important that health care enterprises define required labor resources at the department level and have a means of monitoring actual versus required hospital staffing on a continuous and timely basis to ensure the most cost-effective use of this expensive resource.

Once reliable workload standards have been developed, these standards must then be translated into required hours and required hospital staffing for comparison to actual performance.  Such comparisons will assist managers in making staffing decisions that will more closely align actual and budgeted hospital staffing with required workload.  Accurate alignment will maximize staff utilization and minimize costs, without disruptions in service.

Effective management of labor productivity requires a commitment and involvement at all levels of management. It also requires the availability of prompt, informative, and understandable productivity performance reports to these management levels.

AMS provides health care organizations with a cost-effective hospital productivity monitoring solution.  Quantify meets all of the criteria described above and is appropriate for use in any size organization with department-level productivity standards, regardless of whether these standards have been developed by AMS, by other firms, or by the organization itself.

Quantify is:

  • Cloud based and accessible through a web browser
  • Easily accessible to all users
  • Interactive with dashboard graphics for all levels of the organization

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